Monday, August 19, 2013

Nangu's Grocery

In keeping with the spirit of Portland Challenge events of years past, the proceeds from 2013 Portland Challenge will go toward launching a worthy community project in Tanzania. The beneficiary of this year's event will be Nangu's Grocery, a proposed income-generating gathering place and affordable store in Babati, Tanzania. Nangu Mpinga, a resident of Babati, Tanzania, proposed the project to Jay Boss Rubin several years ago as a way he could both better serve his community and better care for his two young children. After drawing up a budget and consulting with some micro-economic development experts, Jay and Nangu came to an agreement: the proceeds from the 2013 Portland Challenge will be used to launch Nangu's Grocery, and once it's up and running Nangu's Grocery will begin setting aside a portion of its proceeds to help launch another worthy community endeavor. Our fundraising goal is $5,323. You can help us meet it by donating in person at the 2013 Portland Challenge on September 8, or by donating online via Indiegogo. Remember, it is FREE to participate in the Portland Challenge but we do our best to raise money via local business sponsorships, participant donations, concession sales and associated fundraising events. Chip in! Spread the word! Many hands make for light work! And don't forget, "asante" means "thank you" in Swahili!

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